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Once the user is able to alter the security code he will once again be able to access the system.

Windows XP Password Reset

  1. Logging In As Administrator – This process will require you to start your computer in safe mode and to do a few steps enumerated below:
  • Restart your computer and alternately press the control and F8 keys.
  • Select safe mode once the boot menu appears on the screen
  • Go to the Administrator login option in the login screen. If you don’t see the option you may press the control, alt and delete buttons and enter “Administrator”
  • When the system is starting up , go to the control panel and change your user security code.
  • Another way to do this is to access the command prompt and then type “net user (your username) (your security code)”. Do not include the parenthesis just type net user and then your user name and then your new security code. This will automatically change the security code in your system.
  1. Using A Reset Disk – This disk is usually created during the first stage of setting up the computer. With the use of the disk follow the steps below to open a locked computer:
  • Restart your system and type your username when the login screen appears.
  • Click on the “Use your password reset disk” in login dialog box.
  • Once a wizard appears you will be taken into the process of changing your security code.
  • Load the disk when you are prompted by the wizard.
  • Type your new security code and save it before restarting your computer.

Another alternative is to use a software program that is designed to change the security codes set in the system. This type of application is scattered throughout the online market and is a popular option in opening locked systems.

You can use a software application that will neither require you to recall the forgotten code nor do a series of steps to open the computer. The software only requires a button click and less than a minute to alter the forgotten code.

Once you use the software program you will be able to use a safe and simple code alteration process as well as take advantage of the technical support.