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These methods can be performed manually or with the intervention of an efficient software program.

Windows Vista Password Reset

  1. Steps To Create The Disk – You need to create the disk first before you can move on to accessing your system. Follow the steps below to perform this method:
  • Click on the Start button and select control panel.
  • Go to the link that says User Accounts and Family Safety and then click on User Accounts.
  • Bear in mind that if the control panel is in classic view you won’t be able to see the link so you just have to double click on User Accounts.
  • On the User Accounts window click on the “Create a password reset disk” option. When a new window appears just click on the next button.
  • Make sure that a flash drive or floppy disk drive is already inserted in the computer.
  • Click on the portable media drive that you are using and then click on continue.
  • Type in your new security code, click next twice and then finish. Remove the floppy disk from the computer.
  1. Steps To Unlock Your Computer – You may use the floppy disk or the flash drive that you created using the steps mentioned above to unlock your PC. Follow the steps below to perform this method:
  • When you see an error message after entering a wrong security code, just click on the reset button.
  • Insert the floppy disk or the flash drive and then click on the portable media on the drop down menu.
  • Type your new security code, confirm and then click on Finish.

The Best Unlocking Option

Using a specialized software application is the other alternative which is preferred by users. This is due to the fact that this option provides safe and fast process and it ensures that within seconds you will be able to unlock the system.

There is a popular software program that’s been proven to work regardless of the operating system used by the owner and of the level of security code problem that he has.

This software program is popularized by its capacity to provide fast and effective process of fixing the security code problems in the system. Once you use the software you will never have any problem accessing your system.