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Gaining Access To The System Using USB Flash Drive – This process will require you to use a USB flash drive and to do a few steps. The steps below will allow you to unlock your computer using a new security code.

  • Go to the Start button, the control panel and then click on the option that says User Accounts And Family Safety.
  • Connect your USB flash drive to your computer and then click on User Accounts.
  • Go to the task bar on the left side of the window and then click on the option that says “Password Reset Disks”.
  • Once you click on the link a wizard will appear. Just click on next and then select the USB drive on the drop down menu.
  • Type in your new security code and then click on next and then finish.
  • You may then unplug your USB flash drive from the computer.
  • You may then proceed with using the drive to get into your system. Insert you USB drive back and reboot your computer.
  • Once the wizard appears on the screen you may then select the account where you want the security code to be changed.
  • Click on the restart option at the bottom part of the window to reboot your computer.
  • You may then access your computer once the computer is done booting up.
  1. Using A Powerful Software Program – This is a favoured option among users as it provides simple and effective process in altering a system’s security code. Tools usually differ in terms of the features they offer nonetheless they are usually safe, fast and effective to use.

Getting the right software program is easy as there is a particular application that has the capacity to provide the best features.

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When you use the application you will get rid of any problem associated with security codes in the system. You will also be able to take advantage of the many useful features offered by the program.

win vista

These methods can be performed manually or with the intervention of an efficient software program.

Windows Vista Password Reset

  1. Steps To Create The Disk – You need to create the disk first before you can move on to accessing your system. Follow the steps below to perform this method:
  • Click on the Start button and select control panel.
  • Go to the link that says User Accounts and Family Safety and then click on User Accounts.
  • Bear in mind that if the control panel is in classic view you won’t be able to see the link so you just have to double click on User Accounts.
  • On the User Accounts window click on the “Create a password reset disk” option. When a new window appears just click on the next button.
  • Make sure that a flash drive or floppy disk drive is already inserted in the computer.
  • Click on the portable media drive that you are using and then click on continue.
  • Type in your new security code, click next twice and then finish. Remove the floppy disk from the computer.
  1. Steps To Unlock Your Computer – You may use the floppy disk or the flash drive that you created using the steps mentioned above to unlock your PC. Follow the steps below to perform this method:
  • When you see an error message after entering a wrong security code, just click on the reset button.
  • Insert the floppy disk or the flash drive and then click on the portable media on the drop down menu.
  • Type your new security code, confirm and then click on Finish.

The Best Unlocking Option

Using a specialized software application is the other alternative which is preferred by users. This is due to the fact that this option provides safe and fast process and it ensures that within seconds you will be able to unlock the system.

There is a popular software program that’s been proven to work regardless of the operating system used by the owner and of the level of security code problem that he has.

This software program is popularized by its capacity to provide fast and effective process of fixing the security code problems in the system. Once you use the software you will never have any problem accessing your system.


win xp


Once the user is able to alter the security code he will once again be able to access the system.

Windows XP Password Reset

  1. Logging In As Administrator – This process will require you to start your computer in safe mode and to do a few steps enumerated below:
  • Restart your computer and alternately press the control and F8 keys.
  • Select safe mode once the boot menu appears on the screen
  • Go to the Administrator login option in the login screen. If you don’t see the option you may press the control, alt and delete buttons and enter “Administrator”
  • When the system is starting up , go to the control panel and change your user security code.
  • Another way to do this is to access the command prompt and then type “net user (your username) (your security code)”. Do not include the parenthesis just type net user and then your user name and then your new security code. This will automatically change the security code in your system.
  1. Using A Reset Disk – This disk is usually created during the first stage of setting up the computer. With the use of the disk follow the steps below to open a locked computer:
  • Restart your system and type your username when the login screen appears.
  • Click on the “Use your password reset disk” in login dialog box.
  • Once a wizard appears you will be taken into the process of changing your security code.
  • Load the disk when you are prompted by the wizard.
  • Type your new security code and save it before restarting your computer.

Another alternative is to use a software program that is designed to change the security codes set in the system. This type of application is scattered throughout the online market and is a popular option in opening locked systems.

You can use a software application that will neither require you to recall the forgotten code nor do a series of steps to open the computer. The software only requires a button click and less than a minute to alter the forgotten code.

Once you use the software program you will be able to use a safe and simple code alteration process as well as take advantage of the technical support.


win 2000

If you are looking for  options, then this piece of information is definitely for you. Read on to know about the details and features of the tools used to unlock the protected code.

Boot Loader Is A Way Through For Windows 2000 Password Reset

Boot loader is a way to change the previous protected code file that is inaccessible. It is a form of software that loads when the computer is in boot state and does not require any windows to run it. This is a very common type of software that is easily available in the market. Such softwares are able to remove the forgotten code by getting through the files where the windows enter code has been stored. Any version of windows saves the account code in the form of files in the system. In actual, we can’t access these files, but third party software can do it by loading up earlier than windows and change the files containing pass code, within few minutes. These tools are compatible with all versions of windows and are cost effective too.

Steps to Perform for Cracking Your PC’s Administrator Pass Code

When you are about to work on Windows 2000 Password Reset, there are some steps to follow. First buy reliable and secure software for your PC well before when you purchase your PC and set your administrator code. The software will allow you to burn a CD/DVD or USB flash drive through boot loader that loads all the necessary details and burn it to the device. When you suffer the problem, insert the same disk and let it load. This will scan the system and remove the locked code by removing the files completely. After a restart, the user is now ready to work on his computer that logs on automatically without putting up any code.

When your input code is not the one you have saved earlier, your access to your laptop or computer will be denied. In such a situation, don’t reinstall the windows again in a haste to avoid work delay, instead make efficient use of the recovery tools to gain the access.

Changing the windows protected code is not a big deal anymore. Get your hands on the best available software in the market and enjoy the freedom of forgetting the code of your computer. Visit:


win 98

You can now take a sigh of relief, as software is an ultimate solution for you. Though people are quite worried about the consequences that they might have to face in case they forget their PC starting up codeword that they set due to security concerns of their data, yet it is essential and people are left with no option than to set up a password.

The good news is that enter code forgetting circumstances won’t bug you anymore, and you can now relax back and set up a complicated code for higher level of security, even if there is a risk of forgetting.

It is no more a big issue if you end up locking your PC or laptop. No need to panic; you don’t have to experience the troublesome process of reinstalling your windows and loose all essential documents in case you haven’t made any arrangements of back up files beforehand,  as Windows 98 Password Resetsoftware provides you the quick access to your locked computer without wasting much time and money.

How Can A Locked Computer Be Accessed With the Software of Windows 98 Password Reset?

The recovery software is specifically designed keeping in mind the urge of a tool that will recover and break the protected pass code in case when the computer user forgets. It is one of the best softwares that allow setting up the lost keyword within a minute by inserting the disk, and the unlocked computer is there after few clicks. As the software has user interface, you will not find any problematic and confusing commands during the operation. This tool acts like a charm as you need to click a single button and it will start working.

Software Disk of Windows 98 Password Reset

The software works through a bootable disk. There are many windows users who are not sure what windows passcode disk is all about. This disk is not something available separately. Each user has to create his own disk as it acts as an option if the person has created it in advance before forgetting the lock code of the laptop.

Compatibility State

This handy tool is compatible with all types of Windows including Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Xp, Window Vista and NT.

Avoid using any outdated software that will cost you more and is not even suitable for different types of windows. With Windows 98 Password Reset Software package, you are listed for 24 hours technical support, lifetime license, support for all windows versions, graphic user interface and automatic formation of bootable CD/DVD or USB.

Windows 98 Password ResetSoftware will surely locate the entry code in your bounded computer that is required to be unlocked. The procedure of unlocking is secure and does not require any information regarding the user. By inserting the bootable CD/DVD or USB, the functioning begins and after 60 seconds you are allowed to enter in to your laptop without mentioning any secret code.